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Varieties of Lavender

There are more than 450 named Lavender varieties or cultivars and new ones being created or discovered every year. Presently we have seven varieties of Lavender and will be adding 4 new ones this May/ June. We grow Folgate, Melissa, Royal Purple, Royal Velvet, Hicote, Grosso, and Phenomenal. We are adding Betty’s Blue, Hidcote Blue, […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

To all mom’s across the world, we wish you a happy mother’s day! Whether you are celebrating with loved ones, friends or alone, we hope your day is relaxing, refreshing and as freeing as you want!

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Product Spotlight: Lotion

In our shop, we have a selection of scented lotions that are great for dry skin and hydration. We offer scents of lavender, lavender lemon, lavender lime and lavender bergamot right now. We plan on expanding our selection in future so everyone can pick their unique scent that fits them best. Our lotions are organically […]

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Introducing Lavender

For ages, Lavender has been used medicinally as well as personally. We want to give you ideas of how you can use lavender to improve your life. Whether it’s aromatherapy or sleeping aid, we think lavender is a beneficial addition to anyone’s daily routine. You can add lavender scented lotion or soap to your daily […]

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