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For ages, Lavender has been used medicinally as well as personally. We want to give you ideas of how you can use lavender to improve your life.

Whether it’s aromatherapy or sleeping aid, we think lavender is a beneficial addition to anyone’s daily routine. You can add lavender scented lotion or soap to your daily bathroom regimen which is said to help promote calmness. If this isn’t enough lavender for you, you can always purchase lavender essential oil to burn along with other pleasant smelling oils.

Besides aromatherapy, you can also introduce lavender into your life if you are having trouble sleeping. Since it promotes calmness and wellness, it can help settle your mind before you fall asleep. This allows you to have a more restful sleep.

Lavender flavored food and drinks are starting to hit the market and we suggest you try them! A lavender and lemon cookie has a soft taste with the zing of lemons. You can pick up lavender tea from the grocery store and brew a cup before bed. Another popular food is lavender ice cream! It’s the best of both world where you can fill your dessert craving while also tasting the wonderful flavor of lavender.

We hope you find some area of your life to introduce lavender to if you haven’t already discovered this wonderful flower.

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